Compressed Air and the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Compressed Air and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is among the most regulated industries in the world. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers must follow stringent guidelines for cleanliness to keep the final product pure and contaminant-free. That includes ensuring that contamination does not make its way into production areas and final products via compressed air.

Compressed air use for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals , applications like drying and hardening and powering production machinery and conveyors).

Air used in the pharmaceutical industry must be clean, dry and oil-free. Purity requirements depend on whether the application is considered a direct-contact application or an indirect-contact application. But even air used for indirect applications such as powering conveyors and packaging lines must meet basic purity standards for pharmaceutical applications. This is because small air leaks in the distribution lines or pneumatically powered equipment can introduce contamination into the surrounding environment. This contamination can end up in the final product and put the manufacturer out of compliance with cleanroom standards. For this reason, air purity is an important consideration for all compressed air applications in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production

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